Mizzou's largest group for computer, technology, and programming enthusiasts!


As an organization, we help each other gain experience, improve resumes, and become a polished technology student. From practice interviews to tech-company visits, we provide hands-on experience for landing internships and excelling in industry jobs.


Want to show off your latest projects or learn new skills not taught in class? This is the place for you! From web development, to data science, to mobile development, our special interest groups (SIGs) can help you hit the ground running in a number of new areas.


Whether you are experienced with programming or just getting started, we provide a welcoming community for those of all levels. We have a group of peer-mentors who are eager to help each other out and a 24-7 messaging channel that allows members to communicate.

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---- Intro to Computer Science

---- Object Oriented

---- Interview Prep

---- Virtual Reality

---- Web Development

---- Functional Programming

---- Simple DirectMedia Layer 2

---- Software Development/Engineering